Store Build

Store Build

We’ve thought of everything! As a company created by a team dealer, we know the ins and outs of your business and have thought of all the ways to maximize your web stores from start to finish.

Enhanced Auto-Image Placement

Select either where you want your png artwork to land or a combination of places you want the artwork to land on the product and let Chipply do the rest! No more dragging and dropping. (Pre-set artwork locations are: Full Front, Full Back, Chest/Thigh/Accessory Front/Cap Front, Sleeve, and Locker Tag)

Updated Enhanced Auto-Image Placement

Vendor Curated Templates

At Chipply, we collaborate closely with industry-leading vendors and experts to craft our templates! The Chipply templates allow you to streamline the store creation process while offering high-quality products with great inventory.  Whether you're creating a robust store with over 60 products or opting for a more compact store setup, we have a template suited for your needs.

Example Templates

Multiple Logos on One Product

Offer several logos without having to have the same product on your store more than once! Don’t worry, our work orders are as clean as choosing the logos.

Multiple Logos on One Product

Live Inventory

Make professional decisions based on hourly updated inventory for most popular vendors and daily updated inventory for all our integrated vendors. Only offer sizes and colors in stock! Avoid backorders by letting Chipply turn on and off product colors and sizes based on updated inventory. Customize inventory limits based on feed vendors.

Live Inventory and Inventory Limits

Bulk Color Size Picker

Effortlessly streamline choosing color and sizes in your stores!   Say goodbye to the hassle of individually selecting colors and sizes for each product—achieve it with just a couple of clicks. Quick, efficient, and user-friendly, our feature ensures a seamless experience in customizing your product offerings.

Bulk Color and Size Picker