Explore testimonials and uncover success stories as our trusted dealers share how Chipply has significantly enhanced their web store businesses. 

“As a customer who has been working with different online sales platforms over the past 10 years, I was a bit apprehensive about trying another new platform.  We decided to schedule the presentation to see what Chipply could do for us.  I believe this is the platform that we have been waiting for!  It cuts my set-up time in half and it is easy to learn and use!  The folks at Chipply are available to help at any time and if not, then their online help section has videos and tutorials on everything you need when you get stuck.  They know our industry and know the challenges we face and are there to problem solve and are even open to suggestions.  We are now months into our transition and the only thing I regret is that we haven't tried it sooner!”

Tom Gonsiewski, Kampus Klothes

Team Outfitters

In June of 2021, I met the Chipply team in San Antonio Texas and I haven’t regretted it for a minute. We were given about an hour’s run down of all things Chipply and I was sold! The next day,

I walked by the booth asked some more questions to the amazing team and my co-workers and I talked about Chipply the rest of the trip!

Change is scary but switching to Chipply is worth every butterfly in your stomach. We, at Kevin Smith Sports, dove right in. We started our transition about 2 weeks before our busy fall season started.

Chipply’s customer service and time saving features have kept me above water for the last 2 months or more. Chipply’s team has been there every step of the way. They will be available when it is convenient for you!

If you want help building a site at 7am, someone is there with you. Are you too busy learning and need an extra hand, Chipply is there and will show you time saving steps or offer to do it for you.

You call with a quick question- 9 out of 10 times they have been there and done that and will have a solution for you. If they don’t, they will look into it. I know there have been a couple

of times something just wasn’t working to what I was used to…the team called me back in less than an hour with a solution and or research that they had done! Are you a hands on person and need to watch and learn and vice versa....

ZOOM Calls have been amazing!!! It’s so nice to actually talk to a real person!!

I can’t say enough great things about Chipply and their customer service and the ease of the transition. My only regret is that we didn’t meet Chipply sooner!

Nicole Robtoy, Kevin Smith Team Sports & Corporate Apparel

Kevin Smith

“We were very cautious to change our systems as we knew it would be a huge undertaking, but we also knew we did not have the infrastructure to make it happen ourselves.

We investigated all options and determined Chipply would be our best choice and since then we have never looked back.  Not only was the transition seamless for us and our salespeople on the road, but the amount of assistance we received has been bar none.  The Chipply Team guided us along the way, answering any and all questions.  They never made it seem like we were a nuisance.  Too many companies today have lost sight of service and the Chipply Team is all about service and building a relationship, not just adding a customer.

We are very pleased to be working together with the Chipply Team to build our business and we look forward to long-term success.”

Jarred Treiber, Sports Paradise


"Everyone at The Sports Locker loves the Chipply system. We have been utilizing this program for over a year and the results have been transformative. The custom templates and live inventory have cut our store building time in half. The shop creation and the integration into our production system has been seamless. From the very beginning, the team at Chipply has been with us every step of the way. You can trust the Chipply team with all of your store building needs. Great software, great service." 

Sean O'Connell, Sports Locker

Sports Locker

“The Chipply platform is very easy to set up and run.  Its flexibility allows us to offer our clients almost any option or configuration they want.  The staff get back to you quickly, with any questions you have, and provide thorough answers or actually walk you through the process.  I've found that Chipply aligns very well with my desire to streamline and automate processes in my business.”

Curt Hauff, Hauff Sports/Dakota Sports/Dakota Lettering


“What I love most about Chipply is the ability to run entire league uniform websites on the platform! Using tools, such as packages, ensures that every customer purchases exactly what they need for the upcoming season. The administrator login and password, allows my league directors access into who has ordered and who hasn’t. This ensures that at the time of delivery, every boy or girl has the uniform they need to play that season. Chipply has afforded me the opportunity to take my sales numbers to a level I never thought possible. If you haven’t run a uniform website on Chipply, I suggest you give it a try. You won’t regret it!”

— Jake Cosson, Burghardt Sporting Goods


“The Chipply platform has revolutionized our team business ever since we started using it back in 2017.  We realized online spirit wear was the future and wanted to find a platform company that gave us a competitive advantage and made our team more efficient at the same time.

With Chipply, we found that advantage. We liked the fact it was designed by people who have a background in the sporting goods industry and designed the platform to specifically answer our needs. The team there is quick to answer any questions and always willing to help! I feel like I can take on at least 50% more business now without putting in any extra hours. Before switching to Chipply, it was a pain to build online websites. Now, I can’t imagine doing it any other way.”

— Bryan Knierim, Burghardt Sporting Goods


“Chipply has been a great platform for us to offer online stores. It offers every feature you could possibly need, and creates a clean, good-looking store to offer our customers. Best of all, the Chipply Team (Angie, Melissa, and Lynn) have been great to work with. If I ever have a problem or issue, it is almost always solved that same day. They take the time to make sure we are utilizing the product to the best of its ability.”

Josh Metz, Team Sporting Goods

Team Sporting Goods Inc.

“We had ourselves convinced that running our own platform was the way to go, but once we started with Chipply we were proved wrong after our first team store ran so smoothly.”

Matthew Perry, Cleats Sports

cleats sports and promotions

“Online stores have been an area of focus & growth for our business, for several years now. Since signing on with Chipply last year, we had a record year with our Team Web Stores. The simplicity of the Chipply platform, & the availability of their support team are key factors. Any & every request we've asked of the Chipply team, has been tended to within a few hours, & often within a few minutes. Using the Chipply platform; we're able to build & launch a typical Web Store within 5-10 minutes. And the Order Management feature has become a breeze when processing orders for production & final packaging.”

Matt Clark, Posey's Sports Center


“Moving our online store presence to Chipply has not only increased our revenue but left more of our customers extremely satisfied with fewer backorders. The most impressive part is they work with you to meet "YOUR" needs as a retail store. Not every site looks the same and their staff truly feels like your own family. They want you to succeed and will help you customize your site to meet each individual group’s needs. It has been a huge advantage being a part of their team. We at All Seasons Sports LLC look forward to years of working together as partners with Chipply.”

Shawn Lynch, All Seasons Sports

All Seasons Sports LLC

“What a great experience the team of Angie & Melissa have provided from Chipply account services for me. We have been very impressed with all aspects of Chipply, and look forward to years to come.”

Jeff Swallow, Action Sports

Action Sports