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We are so proud to announce that Growth Street Partners (GSP) has made a minority growth equity investment in Chipply! GSP specializes in helping founder-owned technology companies take it to the next level with their expertise in multiple tech business areas. This investment gives us the means to accelerate our technology plans, expand our incredible team, and serve our customers even better. 


Official Press Release

Chipply, the Industry’s Fastest Growing Team Store e-Commerce Platform, Receives Growth Equity Investment from Growth Street Partners


MILWAUKEE, WI November 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Growth Street Partners today announced a minority growth equity investment in Chipply, the preferred team store platform for team dealers, custom apparel decorators, and corporate suppliers. Chipply will use the investment to extend its technology lead, support its legendary service team, and position the company for growth.


Chipply’s platform helps team dealers, custom apparel decorators, and corporate suppliers grow faster and more efficiently through superior customer service, dramatically improved sales rep productivity, and simple but sophisticated e-commerce tools for its dealers and their customers. As part of its own independent review, Growth Street conducted an extensive market survey and found Chipply has the industry’s highest NPS rating. 


Chipply was founded in 2016 by three siblings, Lynn, Carl, and Brian Burghardt. The Burghardt family has owned and operated a sporting goods store, Burghardt Sporting Goods (BSG), for over 140 years. The Chipply platform was built upon their deep industry knowledge and with the common experience they share with many in the industry. The Chipply solution was commercialized in 2018 and has grown dramatically since, processing hundreds of millions of dollars of gross merchandise value for hundreds of dealers nationwide. 


“Chipply is very excited about what this investment means for customers. We are all committed to providing the same amazing service under the same leadership and accelerating our goal to provide best in class software solutions for industries we have worked in for many years,” said Angie Hardwick, the CEO of Chipply.


"Our passion is to help our customers serve their communities by building sites efficiently, giving them greater confidence in their inventory management, pricing, and fulfillment, and helping them grow their businesses faster than they ever imagined. The Growth Street investment is another exciting step on this incredible journey,” explained Lynn Burghardt, Chipply’s President and Co-Founder. 


“Growth Street is honored and excited to partner with Brian, Carl, and Lynn Burghardt, Angie Hardwick, and Chipply’s growing family of customers and partners," said Steve Wolfe and Nate Grossman, the Co-Founders of Growth Street Partners.


In conjunction with the minority growth investment, Growth Street Partners will join the Board of Directors. 



Chipply is the preferred software platform for team dealers, custom apparel decorators, and corporate suppliers to launch online stores with confidence. The platform focuses on faster site building, more accurate inventory management, consistent/automated pricing, and on-time/accurate fulfillment. Chipply’s goal is to make building sites so easy that it is the method of choice for all types of dealers. If interested in becoming a dealer, see


Growth Street Partners

Growth Street Partners provides early growth capital to rapidly growing SaaS and technology-enabled services companies addressing underserved markets. The firm partners with founders who have personally lived through the problems their businesses solve. The firm has raised two funds and has over $200 million of assets under management. Recent investments include Pear Deck (sold to GoGuardian), LineLeader (sold to Marlin Equity), Visual Lease (recap), Hotel Effectiveness (sold to Actabl), Suralink (recap), HR Acuity (recap), Govenda, PikMyKid, Public Input, uConnect, goHappy, PSTrax, and ECFX. If you are a founder from industry looking to scale your business without losing control or are simply interested in more information, please visit

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