We Are Incredibly Excited To Welcome Grace Schettler to the Chipply Team!


Chipply, the industry's fastest-growing team store e-commerce platform, announced today it will bring in Grace Schettler as Senior Vice President of Sales. Chipply is the preferred team store platform for team dealers, custom apparel decorators, and corporate suppliers. The Chipply platform helps businesses grow faster and more efficiently through superior customer service, dramatically improved sales rep productivity, and simple but sophisticated e-commerce tools for its users and their customers.


Chipply was founded in 2016 by three siblings, Lynn, Carl, and Brian Burghardt. The Burghardt family has owned and operated a sporting goods store, Burghardt Sporting Goods (BSG), for over 140 years. The Chipply platform was built upon their deep industry knowledge and with the common experience they share with many in the industry. The Chipply solution was commercialized in 2018 and has grown dramatically since, processing hundreds of millions of dollars of gross merchandise value for hundreds of dealers nationwide.


Schettler will manage the customer journey, create the go-to-market process, accelerate growth, and double-down on Chipply’s focus on customer service and support. As Senior Vice President of Sales, Schettler will continue to work alongside the rest of the Chipply leadership team to implement strategies to ensure that the company continues to provide best-in-class service while continuing to experience the accelerated growth it has seen in recent years.


Schettler, an industry veteran and award-winning salesperson, joined the Cap America team as Director of Sales in 2017. Schettler was instrumental in implementing Cap America's sporting goods division, the growth of the promotional division, and the launch of the company's CA Premium Line. During her 6+ years at Cap America, Schettler was instrumental in the company's significant growth. In 2021, Schettler was promoted to Vice President of Sales, the first female to hold that position in company history.


Schettler will report to Angie Hardwick, CEO, who said, "We are incredibly excited to welcome Grace to the Chipply team.   Her proven leadership and approach to sales strategy will be pivotal in driving our company's success in the months and years ahead. We look forward to bringing Grace's experience and passion to Chipply as we expand our market presence and deliver exceptional value to our customers."

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